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About us.

Social apex is a gen z/millenial owned and operated marketing agency based in Kansas city. With a team of entrepreneurs, creatives, social media influencers, media buyers, seo managers, developers, and more…   We leverage digital trends, technology, and culture to drive growth

built different.

change the world


we pair youth with experience to leverage inter-generational talent.

with a founding team at 19, 22, and 23 years old Social Apex is the youngest agency of it’s size. This means we understand today’s platforms better and can connect with younger consumers better than any other agency. oh and experience? just check out our rockstar CEO mark josey

disrupt markets


at the root of our innovation is knowledge and adaptation. we utilize this both internally and externally to achieve cutting-edge innovation. 

the world is always changing, are you? our team equips, tests, and executes the newest marketing other agencies wouldn’t dare to try. 

break boundaries


in a data-driven business world we see creativity as the forgotten variable. 

with a team of creatives and digital marketers working side by side we execute seamlessly to provide data-driven creative – the greatest vertical for creative advertising success.

Our stats.

social apex by the numbers.

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What we do.

Social apex provides growth as a service. We pair a diverse set of marketing services in order to bring you a full scale growth solution encompassing every possible channel. 

social media growth.

Looking to turn social media into a revenue source? we develop and design campaigns delivering growth through social media.

content creation

looking to engage with your customers? we create graphics, photography, and videography that captures attention.

growth strategy.

looking to grow your business substantially year over year? we provide hands on strategic and consulting geared towards reaching long-term business growth.

lead gen.

looking to generate more leads? we develop systems and campaigns to generate you more high quality leads.

seo / web-op

looking to turn your website into a lead gen platform? we get your website to #1 on google to attract and convert valuable website traffic.


Looking to build the website, app, or software of your dreams? we develop consumer friendly tech built with marketing in mind.

ad campaigns.

looking to drive online sales or improve brand awareness? we launch ad campaigns that capture and convert attention at scale.


Looking to sell online? we develop and market e-commerce stores to drive digital conversions.

amazon seo

looking to sell on amazon? we design amazon sales campaigns paired with amazon seo to rank #1 for key search terms.

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we pair our unique set of skills with a variety of industries and business sizes.

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