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we’re vayner media‘s cooler, younger brother. 

an agency can never predict the future… but by connecting our three integral tenets (culture, branding, and marketing), social apex is able to lay a foundation for any organization that allows them to better address shifts in culture and technology. your long-term success is rooted in the way in which you lay the groundwork for your organization to launch off of. 

we believe consumer first brands are the future of businesses, thus it is our mission to bring more businesses to the forefront of technology, marketing, and consumer preference. 

making history.

About us.

social apex is a gen z and millenial owned/operated marketing agency based in Kansas city. 

founded by a recent college grad and two college dropouts – social apex was built to change the marketing world forever: by creating a growth-driven agency specializing in the newest marketing. 

Since, we’ve expanded our operations to a full time team of 12 adding experience and expertise in our hopes to be the #1 Social media led agency in the world. 

Social Apex ceo

Our team.

we disrupt the disrupted. we are innovators, creatives, designers, marketers, techies, and more…

we are… Social apex.

mark josey

Chief Executive Officer

brandon priest


sam kulikov

chief experience officer

jake lavoy

seo manager

katie rich

Content manager

eric priest

social media director

quincy lee



tom dunster


jeremy terman

strategic advisor

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